We at E-pacesetters are dedicated to identify and implement solutions that help the hotels to optimize their revenue through all the possible channels at lowest possible cost.

The beginning of 2016 opens a world of opportunity for the Indian travel market. This is a revelation by the 'Phocuswright' in their Report on 'APAC Travel market 2015'. The report clearly states that Indian Travel industry is growing rapidly since 2013 and will reach to a different dimension of growth by 2017, in the line with China.

It is evident by now that our new customers prefer the online booking option than to any other way. The most obvious reason for this, besides the comfort level is also the amount of information present for the customer on this platform. All this comes in no investment, in their leisure time, without any phone calls, and also the whole family is involved in this process.

7 Core Values of E-pacesetters :

1. Deliver - Service Excellence
2. Build Open and Honest Relationships with all our clients.
3. Always ready to learn, unlearn and share best practices
4. Embrace and Drive Change
5. Build a Positive and Passionate Team
6. Do More with Less
7. Look at long term gains

Transition to Online Channels

Now let's try to understand how the behavioral shift of the customers is the prime reason for this change in the market. We all agree that there has been an unprecedented rise in using of smart phone and hand held devices. This has increased the time spent of online research, and buying.

The same view is echoed by Google India: "Mobile phones are becoming a key contributor in the online shopping space. Currently, 30% of all shopping queries in India come from mobile phones". Hence it's time for the Indian Travel industry, to understand the mood of the customers, their need, and their new set of expectation, which is aligned with the tech savvy lifestyle. This will help us to focus on the right kind of customers at the right time.

Consumers are turning to the internet to take advantage of ease of booking and comparative pricing. 80%-95% of consumers search online before making a travel purchase.