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Ashley Radhakrishnan

Director of Epacesetters

What We Do

  Cost effective Sales and Marketing solution for Organizations,( Software Companies/ Product/ Hotels /Schools ) Individuals and Professionals.  

Who I am

Name : Ashley Radhakrishnan

Profession : Sales and Marketing ( Director )

Contact No. : +91-9818105631

E-mail : reachus@epacesetters.com

Website : www.epacesetters.com

Office Address : E - 480, Basement, Greater Kailash - Part 2 , New Delhi-110048


I am a strong believer in nature and its ecosystem which reflects in various human qualities like: growth, change, patience, survival of fittest. To grow you need to sew correct seed in a positive environment and then nurture it with patience. Similarly my path of 17 years from sales and marketing profession has been filled with varied experience, new learning, failures and achievements.

My passion is to create cost effective ecosystem of sales for the identified product which adds value to human life. I have been instrumental in setting sales strategy, pre sales assessment, planning & positioning followed by product incubation to delivery phase for training organizations, schools, software companies, restaurants, and hotels. I had the privilege to actively participate, and work on implementation, and the certification process of Google Search Engine Marketing, Google Price Finder, Trip Advisor, Trip Connect and Review express for travel industry.

 Booking Engine
 Channel Manager
 School App
 Payment Gateway

I am heading a team of highly motivated, young, and vibrant bunch of people. We believe in innovation and offer cost effective solutions to our clients. Our core is sales consultancy and complete automation process, majorly in hospitality and education.

Love for nature takes me to various places as a traveler and drops me back with positive learning which often reflects in my professional and personal life. Needles to say I am a foodie.

Company Profile

There are organizations whose competency is product development however they are ill equipped in sales and marketing. Either they loose lot of money in experimenting or make extremely expensive product which proves to be a market disaster. Due to this the product cost goes rocket high without even reaching its potential. We at Epacesetters believe, a competitive product is the one which reaches customer at a right price with right margins for the business. If not so the product is bound to fail or will not survive for long.

We collaborate with our clients so they could focus on their competency on product development leaving the worry of sales and marketing on us. Epacesetters masters in providing cost effective sales automation process for achieving the goal of customer satisfaction.

Epacesetters a team of sales and marketing professionals . Our company is responsible for sales and marketing automation of individuals or a company. Our strength is to create cost effective ecosystem of sales for any product that create value to human life. We choose our client with genuine product across the world irrespective of their size. Our team comprises of highly motivated members who creates innovative cost effective solutions. Our mantra is with minimum resources maximum output. Our team members are the brand ambassador and are strong on digital platforms ,offline sales , support services and in networking.

 Our core clients come form Hospitality and Education.
 We are working with more than 50 hotels.
 We are working for 20 Software Companies.
 We are working with Schools , Colleges and Training Organizations.

Our Process

Step 1:- WE start with research

 First we understand consumer (the user need ),Who are our competitors , what is the future of industry and product. Who is my Ideal customer ?
 Idea and Brain Storm to find a story or USP of product.
 Help you to visualize and document the plan
 Create design and write content
 Prepare art works
 Create a Check List : We create a metric set to measure the reputation and experience

Step 2:- Website , Online Presence and Technology Requirement

 Website designing.
 Website Management.
 Online reputation management.
 Technology required for Automation ( CRM / PMS)

Step 3:- Marketing Material

 Content for Website.
 Content for Social Media.
 CREATE and Develop the assets as a connected content across awareness, knowledge and change. Ads in Newspapers / magazines / relevant online platforms( linked inn).
 Publish :Identify a channel and publish content with a goal.
 Creative’s for Promotion on Facebook, Instagram etc.
 Design for Emailers / Letters / Invites / Social Media.
 Photo / video Shoot at the site ( Support only ).
 Video Promotion.

Step 4:- Sales Team

 Collect all the leads from multiple touch-points to a singular tracker.
 Prospecting: Collate the prospective customers and create further engagement plan.
 Qualify actual leads : Increase predictability by qualifying the leads from cold to warm.
 Closing: Converting the customers real time business and also keeping a check on cost to convert.
 Creating customer delight: Collecting feedback and also building further reference.

Step 5:- Support team

 Support Coordinator for call assistance on your company behalf.
 Sales representative on companies behalf your distribution channel or client in a city.
 We support training solutions for Soft skills ,Sales and Organizational growth.

Our Clients

Education & Training



Samunnati is committed to providing powerful experiential learning to corporate employees, hospitality etc.

Skool Runnr

Skool Runnr

A Smart Communication and Bus Tracking platform for Schools and Parents.

Lab Setup

Lab Setup

Teaching students how to make Machine Learn. Making students of today into technology leaders of tomorrow.

Hotel & Travel

Hampi Hotel International

Hampi Hotel International (Hampi)

Hotel Hampi Internatonal is a just born economy-class hotel in the city, known for its excellent personalized services.

Mukut Hotels and Resorts Pvt. Ltd

Mukut Hotels and Resorts Pvt. Ltd

A premier Hotel and Resorts management company based at New Delhi, India.

Kaisons Inn

Kaisons Inn (Delhi)

Hotel “KAISONS INN” is situated in Jasola Commercial Hub near Apollo Jasola Metro Station and Apollo Hospital.

Hotel Comfort Zone

Hotel Comfort Zone (New Delhi)

Hotel Comfort Zone is conveniently located in the plushy South Delhi neighbourhood of Greater Kailash.

Stay At Hills

Stay At Hills

We provide accommodation in Mukteshwar city in our three associated hotels with short-term lodging and tourism-related activities.

Software Company



Maximojo Mantras help hotels increase revenues and give services like revenue management, audits etc.

Booking Jini

Booking Jini

Bookingjini Provides a complete Hotel Operating system which allows you to focus on the things that matter.



LUCID is a leading Hospitality Software Company with head office in Bangalore, India.


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